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Review: The Dreams Forgotten


Evelyn’s twin sister, Tessa, was murdered. Her father is dead. Her mother is a kleptomaniac hoarder.

Her dreams are becoming too real, and they are crossing over into her world. Evelyn is at the center of a battle that spans universes, and she holds the key to saving us all in her soul. Not that she knows any of this. She has no idea that she is powerful. That she is loved. Desired. Special.

All Evelyn thinks is that she is going insane.

Book One of the Four Part ‘Dream Thief Cycle’. This is a young adult title with some violence and is recommended for ages fourteen and up.




The Dream Thief Cycle #1


thriller, YA

Reading Format



140 pages


It didn’t really click with me, I found it a little slow and too routinary to be a fantasy.

The characters weren’t that impressive or anything in my opinion.

The story was almost too normal at the beginning maybe that was what I didn’t really like, it was too simple as it was.

But if you like book to correlate and find yourself in the pages this one is perfect for you.



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On my TBR pile

A little of my TBR pile titles – Un par de los libros en mi pila de TBR



Welcome to the Pendleton. Built as a tycoon’s dream home in the 1880s and converted to luxury condominiums not quite a century later, the Gilded Age palace at the summit of Shadow Hill is a sanctuary for its fortunate residents. Scant traces remain of the episodes of madness, suicide, mass murder—and whispers of things far worse—that have scarred its grandeur almost from the beginning.

But now inexplicable shadows caper across walls, security cameras relay impossible images, phantom voices mutter in strange tongues, not-quite-human figures lurk in the basement, elevators plunge into unknown depths. With each passing hour a terrifying certainty grows: Whatever drove the Pendleton’s past occupants to their unspeakable fates is at work again. And as nightmare visions become real, as a deadly tide begins to engulf them, the people at 77 Shadow Street will find the key to humanity’s future . . . if they can survive to use it.

698 pages, English.

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Review: Ayrie


35054380Welcome to my life as an Intergalactic Mail Order Bride.
Welcome to Hell.
I just traveled halfway across the galaxy to meet my new husband.
With no women left on Auxem, the aliens turned to Earth for their brides.
But nothing’s happened the way I imagined.

He hardly speaks to me. I know he’s never had a woman around before, but why is he acting like a complete jerk?
Ayrie’s used to getting what he wants, but underneath his confident, chiseled exterior, he’s hiding a big secret.
Now we’re stranded together on a remote planet.
He’s got a perfect body.
I hope he knows how to use it.

Ayrie is a STAND-ALONE, full-length science fiction romance. There are no cliffhangers, and a happy ending is guaranteed!  AUXEM and Abduction: Part 1, an exclusive, never released work are included as bonus books




Auxem – book 2 (terramates cycle)



Reading Format



223 pages

Audio Time

26 hrs and 29 mins


I have to say that the 26 hours mark did scared me a little, but fear not ayrie is like 5 hours longs after that this audio have a reprise of some books on the series so if you never heard another one this could be a good way to start the collection.

the narrators were good I liked them a lot so the performance was good and emotional.

the plot was good, it did follow the line the others did and I was glad that it did interconnect at some point very subtle with other pairings and places on the series that was fantastic.

I was happy to see that integration and i’m anxiously waiting the next book on the series.



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Ideas interesantes para el blog

Bueno como siempre trato de estar en movimiento, he pensando en 1 de 2 cosas.

Since i’m always movibg, I have been thinking in one of two things.

A. Utilizar un servicio de newsletter para que por semana puedan ver por email todo lo que ha pasado en el blog.

A. Use a newsletter service so everyweek you can see in your email what have happened on the blog.

B. Hacer una pestaña para el newsletter en el blog cada domingo asi si no tienen tiempo en la semana los domingos podran actualizarse con todo lo que postee esa semana y tendran los links a los posts por si alguno le llama más la atención.

B. Do a tab for the newsletter on the blog each sunday so you can update with everything I posted that week and it will have all the links in case any post catch your attention.

Que opinan ustedes? Que les ayudaria o gustaria mas en este caso? Comentenmelo en los comentarios 😃

What do you think? What will help you or what will you all will like more in this case? Leave me a comment on the box  below 😃

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Reseña: Desintoxicate


18210905Nuestra realidad actual es contundente: vivimos rodeados de tóxicos, en un mundo cada vez más contaminado, en el que el ritmo acelerado del trabajo y el estrés constante invaden nuestra mente, agotan nuestra energía y enferman nuestro cuerpo. Desintoxícate es una guía completa para entender de dónde proviene la toxicidad que nos agobia, para aprender a controlarla y emprender un proceso de limpieza en todos los niveles de nuestro ser. Gracias a esta novedosa propuesta del médico Santiago Rojas, podremos adoptar un nuevo estilo de vida, más respetuoso con la naturaleza y más considerado con nosotros mismos, uno que nos permitirá alcanzar mayor bienestar físico, mental y energético.







Formato de Lectura



224 páginas


Este lo leí para un circulo de lectura, la verdad fue interesante siento que las terapias y métodos desintoxicantes son bastante sencillos algunos y fáciles de implementar en la vida cotidiana para ayudarnos a nosotros mismos y a nuestro cuerpo a estar en mejor salud y forma.

La parte de los tóxicos te hace abrir los ojos porque te enteras de que por todos lados estamos bombardeados de ellos y lo único que se puede hacer es tratar de reducirlos lo mas posible y aun así no es del todo controlado ello. me gusta que también explora la parte psíquica y energética como un todo del ser humano como debería ser y la verdad te ayuda a comprender algunos conceptos mejor y te dice para que y porque se utilizan en nuestro mundo moderno como el reiki y el yoga.

La verdad un libro interesante y bastante informativo para la desintoxicación integral.



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