Criminal Justice

Rating ★★★★ I received this book in exchange for my honest review of the book. This one at the beginning couldn't actually pick up anything to liked for any reason, now it's not a bad book, at the beginning it's very tense and it adds to the plot nicely. It has a very fast pace,... Continue Reading →

No apagues la luz: Cuentos de terror y de extravío

Rating ★★★★ Este lo tenia visto hacia un tiempo y apenas lo vi en oferta sabia que tenia que ser mio. Estas historias me gustaron bastante, mi preferida fue Que el infierno te reciba ardiendo, la verdad fue muy interesante y me causo hasta gracia todo lo que no le paso a la pobre Elizabeth... Continue Reading →

Killer Space Clown

Rating ★★★★ I discovered this one on Indie April, and it was so good. I never expected this when the author described it at flash horror, but in a way I found it exquisite. The way all the shorts stories go chaining one to the another is very subtle and fun, and it did gave... Continue Reading →

Sticky Fingers 2: Another 12 Twisted Short Stories (Sticky Fingers Collection)

Review: I received this book from the author in exchange of an honest review. I really liked JT Lawrence narration style, the first story Panama Wings won me over since i'm from Panama, it was very interesting. The old traveling slacks was fun too, I was surprised when I heard his story, he is a... Continue Reading →

Lunora and the Monster King

Review: I received this book from the author for an honest review. Since I began reading it to the end, I felt many emotions, from happiness to dread to sadness, it's truly a good written opera. I liked the issues it treathed and the way they were exposed, it was very brilliant and the scenery... Continue Reading →

Concurso Literario – Dzarkon

Cómo están mis queridos lectores. Siempre trato de traerles concursos y esta vez me contactaron a mi para hacer un concurso con una autora nacional. El libro es Dzarkon previamente reseñado aquí en mi rincón, el premio es una copia de papel y el concurso es INTERNACIONAL, asi que aprovechen. Para concursar solo deben llenar... Continue Reading →

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