Spinning Out!!

This one was a must for me, since I love to see all the choreographies on ice skating and this one wasn't the exception, true it's more about the characters but it wasn't that bad either. Now this one bring to our attention something lots of people struggle with everyday: mental disorders and illnesses, our... Continue Reading →

The Silence

3.8 stars Since actually everyone is going around this one, I though to check it out, it wasn't bad nor was the best either, but it maintained me on the verge trying to figure out what was really happening. The plot is very forward and it doesn't let you waiting, things are happening since minute... Continue Reading →

Black Mirror Bandersnatch

5 stars This one, was more than anything curiosity at first but omg, it was so different and pretty good, it surprise me in a good way, the first screen actually tell you it's an interactive game or something, and I was actually surprised that you actually had to do something, I thought it was... Continue Reading →

Murder Mystery

Esta era comedia de misterio pero me fascino, la verdad tenía 50/50, de verdad que la combinación de Adam Sandler con Jennifer Aniston es lo mejor que hay para este tipo de cosas. Lo que me mató es que ambos tenían parte en resolver el misterio así que estuvo bien balanceada, y bueno el final... Continue Reading →

The Hollow

This one was on my recommendations and it was super interesting actually, the end I actually didn't expect it, but it was pretty fun and cool to watch in the between. The plot was pretty unsure since we had this teens waking up on a basement with no memories or recollections of what is happening... Continue Reading →

Final Space

This one was just sitting around in my recommendations and I just wanted something light and cool to pass the time, so I began watching this one and oh the surprise I went on discovering. Mostly light yes it was, but it was actually a little dark too, that was a plus for me and... Continue Reading →

Movie Mondays: Netflix Recommendations

Have been watching some interesting titles on Netflix, here a list of 4 that got my eye a lot: He estado viendo algunos títulos interesantes en Netflix, aquí una lista de 4 que han captado mi atención: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3E_fT0aTsjI 1922, a truly psychological thriller masterpiece by Stephen King1922, una verdadera obra de arte del thriller psicológico... Continue Reading →

Devilman Crybaby

In the series, Akira Fudo is informed by his best friend, Ryo Asuka, that an ancient race of demons has returned to take back the world from humans. Believing that the only way to defeat the demons is to incorporate their powers, Ryo suggests to Akira that he unite with a demon. Succeeding in doing... Continue Reading →

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