Scraping Bottom

Rating ★★★★ Review I received this book in exchange for my honest review of the book. This one was very nice, I liked the part of the superstition and the fact they were pirates made it effortless too. Bilge was so good a boy, it's the best character to love on a story like this.... Continue Reading →

Criminal Justice

Rating ★★★★ I received this book in exchange for my honest review of the book. This one at the beginning couldn't actually pick up anything to liked for any reason, now it's not a bad book, at the beginning it's very tense and it adds to the plot nicely. It has a very fast pace,... Continue Reading →

No apagues la luz: Cuentos de terror y de extravío

Rating ★★★★ Este lo tenia visto hacia un tiempo y apenas lo vi en oferta sabia que tenia que ser mio. Estas historias me gustaron bastante, mi preferida fue Que el infierno te reciba ardiendo, la verdad fue muy interesante y me causo hasta gracia todo lo que no le paso a la pobre Elizabeth... Continue Reading →

Viva Durant and The Secret of the Silver Buttons

Rating ★★★★ This one was very fun to hear, the better part for me was the music on this one and all the effects it had, it made it more lively. The plot had a good pace and it was captivating, the characters were very interesting and cool, and the part with the music was... Continue Reading →

Killer Space Clown

Rating ★★★★ I discovered this one on Indie April, and it was so good. I never expected this when the author described it at flash horror, but in a way I found it exquisite. The way all the shorts stories go chaining one to the another is very subtle and fun, and it did gave... Continue Reading →

100 Años de Soledad + Reto Mensual

Hardcover, Edición 50º aniversario, 400 pages My Rating ★★★★★ Cuando vi el reto de este mes sabía que era el momento perfecto para leer al fin este libro que ha estado en mi librero por casi 3 años ya. Cuando empecé a leer esté libro pensé que me arrepentiría porque el primer capítulo fue un poco extraño... Continue Reading →

Wyrm’s Warning

My Rating ★★★★ ebook, 55 pages I received this book in exchange for my honest review of the book. For those who know or may not know, I actually did find this one on Tomoson great place to engage with authors and brands. At first I was so mad with these lords and men for being... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Being Earnest

Review This one was recommended to me, since it was very funny and interesting and it was a classic too. Since I had to read something like a comedy, I went ahead and took the chance of reading it, it was very good, to be a play it was very forward and simple to understand... Continue Reading →

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