Primeros cambios / First Changes

Bueno dentro de los primeros cambios que voy a ir implementando, lo primero que cambió es la página de inicio, quisiera que el blog fuera un poco más participativo en cierta forma y con esto trato de moverme en la dirección correcta. Con el reto mensual, espero poder animar a más personas a leer un... Continue Reading →

Some changes – Algunos cambios

Well it's seems my mind never actually stop and I have been thinking about some changes that I think can get the blog more interesting for everyone and I need a lot of help with some things so win - win for everyone hopefully. You will be seeing some changes soon on the way the... Continue Reading →

Audio Book Boom

Well it's no mystery that I had a lot of reviews sites loving to read and audioread. Audio Book Boom actually offers audiobooks for Us and UK users with lots of interesting and refreshing new authors and stories, now they are actually putting a beta for free codes with complete anonymity so if you haven't... Continue Reading →

Some Changes / Algunos cambios

Well I have been thinking a little, since I have had some troubles with the many books I offer to review I want to change the way of doing things not that much, but I do think I need help, and that's what I been have thinking, I have known so many wonderful people alongside... Continue Reading →

A last push on the TBR

Well I have been asking myself if sometimes I overdue my TBR, and I do think it's that way, I do want to help everyone and all but sometimes I got to much books, so I think I will do my last push this year with those review samples I do have so next year... Continue Reading →

Traducción y Proofreading

¿Traducción o Proofreading? La Traducción es cambiar de un idioma a otro un texto, esto siempre respetando estrictamente el contenido (traducción literal) o respetando sólo su significado general (traducción libre). También se le llama traducción al nuevo texto que ha resultado de cambiar de idioma palabras o frases a otro idioma. El Proofreading es la... Continue Reading →

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Propósitos 2019

Bueno este 2019 espero me vaya a ir mejor con los propósitos, seré fuerte y no dejare que nada me distraiga, tengo pocos pero fuertes propósitos para este año. Well this 2019 I hope I will go better with the purposes, I will be strong and I will not let anything distract me, I have... Continue Reading →

Audible Originals

One of my recent obsessions has been audible originals, I recently just re joined audible and already has so much fun with these.  Una de mis obsesiones recientes han sido los originales de audible, recientemente me volví a pagar la suscripción a Audible y ya me divierto mucho con estos. The one I'm recently hearing... Continue Reading →

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