Mi vida so far

Bueno he estado haciendo algunos cambios en mi vida en el blog tambien si se han estado dando cuenta el menu ya no es tan extenso siento que tantas cosas a veces distraen, así que trato de mantenerlo simple y sencillo así a todos nos parece más sencillo. Últimamente he estado haciendo yoga, lo he... Continue Reading →

Minimalist Life

Well I think this one is absolutely interesting, I have been reading Goodbye Things by Fumio Sasaki and it made me realize a lot of things actually, of later I have been feeling really dissatisfied with my life for some reason trying to get out of a hole of sorts. Reading this book I then... Continue Reading →

Some Changes – Algunos Cambios

Well since my existential crisis post, someone did point me in a good direction and advised me on having an order to the post so my audience can know when a specific theme they want to read will be on the blog, that idea for me was absolutely fantastic, since I do have some major... Continue Reading →

Existential Crisis

Someone came to me and asked me why do my blog have several themes, now I did had two blogs in the past one for reading and one for other things, since I didn't have lots of time when I went back to work, I decided to united the two so I could have just... Continue Reading →

First Tomoson Review Approval

Hello readers,   Today I'm pretty happy, I just came back to tomoson and they're great,  if you're a blogger or youtube maybe you will like to try it. Tomoson is a site that connect brands and bloggers so you get stuff from them and review it, the best for creating content of you ask... Continue Reading →

Un poco de todo

Bueno, recientemente me cambié de trabajo, fue bastante interesante por decir algo, supongo que las oportunidades solo aparecen y debes tomarlas o desecharlas. Esta decidí tomarla y siento que fue una buena decisión, esta mucho mas cerca de mi casa y eso me ayuda mucho la verdad, en serio que es bastante menos pesado en... Continue Reading →

Things that happens – Cosas que pasan

Well today I was browsing my emails while eating breakfast and found an Audible sale for members only, in two themes I love fantasy and sci fi and as usual I want more money 😭 because they're lots of great books I want im prices of 4.95, 5.95 and 6.95 it's torture I will try... Continue Reading →

Ideas para el futuro

Bueno me puse a pensar mucho en monetizar el blog, porque a veces es bastante duro como es gratis todo quieren, me puse a pensar en quizas evaluar las partes del blog que uso menos y elimimarlas para hacerle espacio a lo que seria la tienda y tal vez un proyecto de caja literaria pero... Continue Reading →

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