Svaha: The Sixth Finger

I found this one in Netflix, wanting to see something of horror or supernatural, and it deliver so well. I liked it very much, it was very psychological and the twists that came and went were so on point and so interest that it blow my mind by the end, nothing was as it seemed... Continue Reading →

The King

Searching for interesting thing to watch on Netflix, I found The king, that relates the early life of Henry V, it was interesting yes, but it didn't appear like the greater movie ever made either, it was ok. Now I liked that it was pretty accurate on the time and the scenery and plot, it... Continue Reading →

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile

This one I wanted to see it so badly, it wasn't that spectacular but I do have something about this theme of the serial killers that make me pay attention to details and that I just love. Esta tenía muchas ganas de verla , no estuvo espectacular pero hay algo sobre este tema de los... Continue Reading →

Two Popes

This one caught my attention while my mom was watching it the other day, it was very interesting being religious and all. Esta captó mi atención hace unos días que mi mamá la estaba viendo, esta muy interesante aun cuando son de un tema religioso. The view of the two different popes were very polarized,... Continue Reading →

Assassin’s Creed Movie

Well this one came to Netflix and I knew it was time I sit down and watch it at last, since it never compelled me so much on the cinema. Now it was pretty interesting nothing extraordinary for me actually, but it was entertaining to say the least. What I actually liked most were the... Continue Reading →


Tuve la oportunidad de ir a la premiere de La Maldición de Mary, gracias @cinetaquilla ,me pareció interesante en ciertas partes, mucho drama y psicología, hubieron partes que me dejaron un poco como okay, continuemos, pero siento que el tema tenia bastante potencial.Le doy un 2/5 pudo ser un poco mejor en algunos detallitos pero me dejo... Continue Reading →


This one was on my netflix list and wao, did it surprised me, it was an interesting thriller that left me pretty on edge and my mind working all the time. I thought I knew what was happening but no by the end I didn't knew a thing it seems because I actually open my... Continue Reading →

Movies review

This one thank god I won a ticket, I didn't liked it, for me it was just pretty weird actually, for me there were no actual plot or anything just something there that didn't satisfied and leave me feeling very confused. What I did liked about this one was the scenery, it was breathtaking, all... Continue Reading →

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