Efferus (Fringe Worlds #2)

Kindle Edition, 353 pages
Audible 8h 47m
4.5 stars


At the edge of known space, Marine Lieutenant Gant Maker continues his vengeful pursuit of the alien race known as the Vacra. 

Now confirmed to have stolen weapons and tech so advanced that it can’t even be classified, the Vacra represent a menace unlike anything mankind has ever faced. For Maker, the threat is also personal, as the treacherous and cunning insectoids – still smarting from their stunning defeat at his hands during their last encounter – have specifically targeted him for capture, along with his exotic alien companion, Erlen. 

Going well beyond any charted or civilized worlds, Maker and his loyal crew of misfits once again find themselves outnumbered and outgunned. With the fate of humanity hanging in the balance, even their unique talents may not be enough to overcome the odds this time, which include not only the Vacra’s alien armada, but a mysterious being with the ability to utterly destroy anything it touches.


I received this book of my own free will for an honest review.

Coming back to this world was amazing, I just have to much fun with this crew.

Browing exceeded my expectations on this one, that was a nice surprise, hope to hear more of him soon actually.

Maker as usual was a pretty entertaining host with this adventure, the way he sometimes get tangled in problems is hilarious.

Adames was a favorite on this trip to he knows a lot of things and it’s funny.

Efferus was the cherry on top all of this, an amazing discovery on this book. 

Hopefully this is not the last I heard from them.

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