Day 1 and 2 Decluttering

Well actually I feel more light already after the two days I have been decluttering and i’m amazed at how many things we can hoard in our lives and not even use them, I actually found things I used just for 1 day some year ago or things that I picked up as a gift and never use them again because I didn’t even like them that much it’s super weird.

Now it’s super liberating to just get rid of those spaces and see what you actually use and have it handy instead of having to navigate each time you need something.

I feel like my life is already going in a pretty good direction, tomorrow it’s the hard part since it will be the books but I already now it will not be so difficult to part with a lot of them and other will be discover after a long time and I know will have lost all interest in them since I don’t even know anymore what is there on those bookshelves.

I’m welcoming this new life onto me, so my life will be easier and more happy.

Have you done something like this before? It was difficult at the time?

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