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Well I think this one is absolutely interesting, I have been reading Goodbye Things by Fumio Sasaki and it made me realize a lot of things actually, of later I have been feeling really dissatisfied with my life for some reason trying to get out of a hole of sorts.

Reading this book I then know why, I have been accumulating so many things that the feeling that I can’t cope up with all of them if making me crazy and unhappy, so I think it is time that I decluterize a lot of the things that I haven’t been using or plain avoiding a lot.

So I have get the resolution I needed from awhile to do what I need to do to go in the road of a more happy me, with less things but the things that will be staying will be only the ones I need more or that sparks so much joy within me that I need them on my life to use more in my life.

It’s interesting how much unhappiness having so much things can do to you but the mind is an interesting thing and his flags aren’t always as clear as we want but they are there nonetheless.

Let me know have you ever felt this way unhappy of having too much things around you and find yourself confined in them? What did you do at that time?

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