Existential Crisis

Someone came to me and asked me why do my blog have several themes, now I did had two blogs in the past one for reading and one for other things, since I didn’t have lots of time when I went back to work, I decided to united the two so I could have just one and have the time to do it more. 

Now you as my readers and followers, I would like to know what you think actually, do you like how the blog is now? would you like for the themes to be separated, book one blog and make up and other things in other blog?

I would like to know what do you think and let me know your opinion in what you would like to see more or what you think it will suit best the blog and myself. I will hear everyone out. 

This will affect also my youtube channel, so I really want to know what do you think, will you like the blog as it is? do you think it will be better to separate the themes again? 

Alguien se acercó a mí y me preguntó por qué mi blog tiene varios temas, ahora tenía dos blogs en el pasado para leer y otro para otras cosas, ya que no tenía mucho tiempo cuando volví al trabajo. Decidí unir los dos para que pudiera tener solo uno y tener tiempo para hacerlo más.

Ahora, ustedes como mis lectores y seguidores, me gustaría saber qué piensan realmente, ¿les gusta cómo está el blog ahora? ¿Le gustaría que los temas se separaran, reservar un blog y maquillar y otras cosas en otro blog?

Me gustaría saber qué piensa y dejarme saber su opinión sobre lo que le gustaría ver más o lo que cree que se adaptará mejor al blog y a mí mismo. Voy a escuchar a todos.

Esto afectará también a mi canal de youtube, así que realmente quiero saber qué piensas, ¿te gustaría el blog tal como está? ¿Crees que será mejor volver a separar los temas?

6 thoughts on “Existential Crisis

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  1. I think that you can keep the same blog but maybe make a structured menu telling your visitors what they can expect on certain days and stick to that formula. Maybe you can put a weekly plan on your sidebar?

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    1. and people keep telling me not to, but yes I like your idea, maybe I can actually have a main focus on the blog and have sub themes maybe monthly or weekly that help people understand me better or know other sides of me without me having to decide if I can read a book or not this month and neglect the blog a month because I haven’t read anything. Thank you for actually give me perspective on this one even after so long.


    1. thank you so much, and you know reading this at this point in my life again, helps me a lot, because everyone its like you should stick with books only, but i’m not just a reader, that can actually be the main of the blog yes, but I love to share other things too, and this comment helped me to gain the focus I have been lacking all this time.


  2. I was just discussing this with another friend a few days ago. I love reading other stuff on a book blog as well. It makes us to know and understand the blogger’s perspective better. It is also very refreshing amidst too many book reviews.

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    1. and I have been having them through the years, I think it’s time for me to try and consolidate, because now i did find a passion for makeup, but as you say it’s refreshing and I don’t think it takes away the part were I read there’s a lot of makeup books too, so maybe I can actually pull this off, I was trying to have perspective and your comment actually give me courage to keep blogging about the things I love without having to be just reader persona.


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