Interview with General Jikkun

Jikun Character Interview


Tell us your name and a little about yourself.

General Jikun Taemrin of Darival. I understand that “Darival” means absolutely nothing to most of the people reading this, so I will assist putting a picture to mind: imagine a frigid, wild, and yet vacant landscape where beasts lurk beneath the snow to devour wayward pricks from the south. And that’s the beautiful homeland of the north.

What things do you like or dislike.

I enjoy liquor, hunting, and the private exploration of poetry. And sugar. Gods, there was never enough sugar up north. In the capital, you can practically bathe in it… And I’m fairly certain some of those whores do. (smirks*)

I have a particular hatred for arrogant, corrupted, or naïve politicians—kings always included—but I don’t believe it is necessary to detail why. Poorly prepared venison, shoddy liquor, and the color yellow are only slightly more tolerable. Singing is invariably worse.

Oh. And I hate questions.

Any love interest in your life?

Whoever the coin purse will pay for.

What’s your relationship with your captain, Navon?

This is all private, right? Navon isn’t half bad. He grows on you. Sometimes I look over my shoulder and expect the little nursemaid to have sprouted blond hair and be balanced on an awkwardly shoved stick, but it hasn’t happened yet. As far as having someone at my back, I’d choose him every time.

Anything you dislike about yourself that you would want to change?

(grunts*) Dislike is a strong word. There are always areas to improve militaristically. I suppose it wouldn’t be unwise to sprinkle my abilities with some magical prowess.

What are your views on the present situation in your country, Sevrigel?

(tenses*) I have no desire to discuss Sevrigel.

Anything you can say to us about the next steps on your life?

No, I have nothing to say.

Will we see any action between you and Captain Navon?

…Action? Between us? If he dares utter a single word about the “optimistic future ahead of us,” I will throttle him. That is the type of action you mean, isn’t it?

Anything to add?

If I say no, are we done?




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